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We use Giclee printing to produce your art pieces. This is not like the prints produced by big chains or for murals. These are high-quality, long lasting photo enlargements printed on to watercolor paper.
Giclee comes from the French verb "to spray", the word Giclee (zhee-clay) is used to describe a certain standard in printmaking technology. Giclee is used to describe the watercolor printing process.

our step by step process:

Images are scanned to high resolution digital files. The images are retouched if necessary, and carefully reproduced using a high-end ink jet printer and stable pigment-based inks which is sprayed onto watercolor paper. The watercolor print is attached to wooden bars with a leather strap for hanging, and then shipped straight to you.

Giclee printing history:

Giclee prints evolved from Iris prints (a 4 color ink jet printer line pioneered in the late 1970s by Iris Graphics). Iris technology was first developed as a proofing process for digital prepress applications. The high quality of the process was noticed in the mid 1980s by pioneers of giclée printing, such as Graham Nash (of Crosby, Stills and Nash).

Giclee is suitable for artists, both digital and traditional, but anyone who has a loved photograph they want to turn in to art use giclee printing nowadays. Giclee is becoming a very popular option for photographers who want a wider range of output options than just the traditional photographic reprints. Watercolor printing is for any artist who wants high quality prints that are affordable in small quantities and will last longer than most other methods of reproduction.

Watercolor prints are more developed than Iris prints are. Special water based inks have been developed for giclee printers that provide better color accuracy as well as an expanded color gamut and longer life of the print. Giclee inks resist fading almost ten times longer than those used in Iris prints. With the latest generation printers, water based colors are used yielding a remarkable results that is a lot more environmentally friendly than oil based prints.

Another advantage to Giclee printing is that artwork can be reproduced to almost any size if the original resolution is high, giving the artist the ability to customize prints for their client.

Is Giclee good for reproducing photographs?

Computer techniques for dodging, burning, color correction and touching up have come a long way since the darkroom. With techniques such as photo restoration, something that PrintMyWatercolor offers and can be added in the checkout process. This technique requires substantial experience in photo touch up on behalf of the watercolor printing provider.

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