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At Print My Watercolor, we specialize in high quality watercolor printing: We take your digital photo and print it on archival watercolor paper, then attach it to wooden bars with a leather strap for hanging, ship it to you, ready to hang on your wall. Our small team of experienced digital artists create watercolor prints using high quality materials, professional photo retouching techniques and the newest generation printers. We only use archival grade material, oil based ink and real archival and textured watercolor paper. All watercolor prints are made with great care and attention to detail in our studio in San Francisco, CA.

Watercolor printing - Things to consider before ordering your print:

  • -Not all watercolor print service companies are the same. Make sure they use high quality fine art printers with 8 color output and use true professional watercolor paper.
  • -It is especially important that the ink is of high quality so that the colors hold up well. Also, keep your print from direct sunlight so that the ink will not fade.
  • -If you have a photo that is damaged, we offer a restoration service which you might want to utilize. We have over 10 years of digital touch up experience and will be able to restore even a very old photo into its original quality, or close to it.
  • -Make sure that you will be refunded any costs if you are unhappy with your watercolor print and want to send it back. Very few watercolor printers offer this service. At Print My Watercolor, we offer a full refund on any print.

Watercolor Print: Background

Artists around the world have for a long time been using watercolor paper as a print material for inkjet printing. The most common presentation of a watercolor print is to have it framed with glass. Recently, Print My Watercolor has introduced watercolor printing as a new way to display art for people in general. At PrintMyWatercolor, we use archival grade print material and a full color printing system. We include light photo retouch into our pricing so that we can, if necessary, make adjustments to the image file before we start the process of printing your photo to watercolor paper.

With the look and feel of original art, any photograph may be enhanced and reproduced on artist-grade watercolor paper, to enrich and inspire. Watercolor photos are a great way to render a sense of sophistication to a home. If individuals simply glance at a beautiful watercolor picture, it will certainly release certain amount of stress from the mind for time being.

Advantages of using watercolor prints

Not only do photos printed on watercolor paper present an artistic appearance, but it also has some practical advantages. Because it doesn't require glass, glare will not be an issue. Glass is also a costly part of a traditionally framed art piece. By eliminating glass, you will not only save a lot of money, but also eliminate any glaring issues, thus making your watercolor print look more vibrant and clear. By using specially formulated UV inks, the photo-watercolors and photo-giclees can last for as long as hundreds of years under ideal lighting conditions. Museum quality lighting may be difficult to achieve in the typical home, but with some planning, any home can have areas dedicated to art, which provide near-museum lighting. Watercolor prints are a great way to display your image if the subject matter appears close to the edge of the photo. Unlike canvas prints, there is no need to wrap part of the images around the side of the wood frame. This way the whole image is displayed. Watercolor prints are also popular as gifts. With the digitization of photography, image files are easily transferred from your camera to your computer. You can then email or upload a file you like to print to PrintMyWatercolor. We will turn it in to a beautiful piece of art. Most users who order watercolor prints will give them away to a family member as a gift. There are also a lot of people who make watercolor prints of their spouse, their baby, their pet, a family gathering, an old photo from their childhood, etc. Other popular printings are of landscapes and panoramas or reproductions of famous artist paintings. Watercolor prints can really be used for any kind of picture printing.

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